Ainsley Harriott AH171 Food Steamer

Ainsley Harriott AH171 Nutri Steam Food Steamer positions as a healthy addition to the kitchen, as most steamers quote that cooking with the food steamers helps retaining the vitamins and minerals rather than just the steamed food. This food steamer seems better in many ways and the most convincing fact is that this steamer helps retain 50% more vitamins and minerals than the normal ones. This is possible due to the capability of rapid sealing of food.


The construction of this Rice, Vegetable Steamer is three tiered and it consists of transparent baskets. It is available in black with silver colour. The controls are electronic and has digital timer embedded in it. It consists of an external water level gauge that allows checking the water level without the steamer being opened. The external water fill inlet is also present in a model that makes the work easy by just filling through a spout in the casing. The construction also consists of a rice bowl.


  • Having the temperature controlled digitally, the food is been allowed to be kept warm in 3 different temperatures of 50 degrees, 70 or 90 degrees.
  • The fast heating system found in Ainsley Harriott AH171 Electronic Control Food Steamer allows the food to be cooked 50% quicker than the normal one but with the same quality.
  • This steamer is capable of distributing even temperature throughout the food without leaving any cold spots.
  • The separated food compartments make it easy to cook different foods simultaneously without the transfer of flavour and aroma.


  • The base of the baskets is removable that makes 2 tiers as 1 and it is best suited for bulkier foods. with the clip system that allows the top basket to be removed with out the base being disturbed and this suits best for handling the hot foods. The hot dished can be handled easily for transfer.
  • This model consists of a built in automatic cut off and this function efficiently to prevent from boiling dry.
  • All the removable baskets of this model are dishwasher safe.
  • This steamer gives the privilege of delayed start programme so as the steamer functions at the specified time. This helps to rejoice the fresh and hot food always.

Ainsley Harriott AH171 3 Tier Rice Steamer comes with a DVD and a recipe book that is been found very useful and informative.

Ainsley Harriott AH171 Food Steamer – Technical Specifications, Features

Manufacturer Ainsley Harriott
Model Name AH171 Nutri Steam
Steamer style Multi tiered
Rice container Yes
Number of baskets Three
Separate food compartments Yes
Timer Digital
Alarm Yes
Dishwasher proof baskets Yes
Delay start feature Yes
Auto keep warm Yes
Save personal settings No
Instant steam production Yes
Even temperature Yes
Easy fill Yes
External water level gauge Yes
External water fill inlet Yes
Removable basket bases Yes
Quick start time Yes
Cord storage Yes

Friday, March 13th, 2009

3 Responses to “Ainsley Harriott AH171 Food Steamer”

  1. David White Says:

    Purchased the Ainsley Harriott AH171 today. Having read the instruction book it tells you very little. Have had vegetables in the steamer for nearly two hours now. Still not cooked. It will soon be time for bed. I will let you know how things develop or don’t as the case may be.
    Just some indication of how long different vegeatables should take to cook would have been helpful. So far a big thumbs down and unless things improve and I don’t know how, I shall be returning the unit to Costco as unfit for purpose.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Same happened to me. This steamer has a bigger wattage than my other steamers I have had over 20 years and yet it takes 3 times as long to cook anything.
    In recipe book Ainsley says cook brocolli for 5 minutes until tender he has obviously not used his steamer as after 30 minutes the brocolli is still not cooked.

  3. Julie Says:

    This product just does not work!!
    I cannot imagine as to why it is on sale.
    Tried some baby new potatoes first, over an hour and still too raw to eat.
    French beans, Mange tout, Baby sweet corn and even some Shitake mushrooms were totally raw after over an hour in the steamer!!!
    I also will be returning the product as unfit for purpose.
    A Rubbish product, probably the worst thing that I have ever bought, I see that there is one for sale on ebay, used only once – I wonder why??

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