Woolworth 3 Tier Food Steamer

The use of food steamers is seen to be increasing and this is one essential small appliance that makes the kitchen complete. The clear understanding is that they help in retaining the nutrients of the foodstuffs to a greater extend than the conventional type of cooking. The food comes to the proper tenderness without losing the nutrients. Although the market is been flooded with different types of steamers, this model does take its place to impress the customers. The forthcoming paragraphs are the review of Woolworth 650 Watts Food Steamer.

Unique Design:

This model is been designed to give comfort handling and cooking. It functions with the electric power. The base part has white colour housing and the baskets are been made with the clear glass finish that offers a clear see through of the cooking process. Just not the baskets and so is the lid too that is of the transparent glass material.

  • Baskets – Available are three baskets making it a three-tiered appliance. They can be removed or collapsed completely for the easy storage. Stack ability is also possible and hence it gives a compact storage.
  • Handles – Each of the baskets comes with handles on both sides and they make it easy for the user to hold with the good grip and use the same for the serving purpose. The handles are cool touch and allow handling even just after the completion of the programme.

Capacity and Power:

With the 7 litre capacity makes Woolworth 3-Tier Food Steamer that is been divided among the 3 baskets. This serves up to the medium sized cooking and since the baskets can accommodate different food in each of it for the same time cooking, it is simple to handle. Further the foods that is been cooked does not transform its aroma or the flavour to the other baskets. Once operated it is quite pleasing and works as one desires. Having functioned with the electric power of 650 Watts, is quite competitive among the models of the same capacity.


The base of the appliance takes the fix of the control knob beside the indicator light. This allows setting the cooking timing. Also based on the type of food the timings are been selected by turning the knob to the desired timing. Above which comes the printed suggestion for the cooking different foods and the suggested timing. The control panel in the grey colour give a class look for the appliance on total.


Woolworth 7 Litre Capacity Food Steamer comes with the 60 minutes timer and the alarm bell to intimate the completion of the programme, so as the user can attend to the cooked food immediately. The power on indicator also suggests the functioning of the device. The baskets that can be collapsed can be stored compactly in any shelf and can be pulled out any time of requirement.  They being dishwasher safe meaning all the removable parts simplifies the maintaining process.

This appliance is sure a competitive one and has an edge over its energy consumption. Foods like rice, veggies, fish and potatoes can be cooked with the perfect tenderness without going to the extremity.

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Woolworth 3 Tier Electric Food Steamer – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Woolworth
Model Name 3 Tier Food Steamer
Steamer Shape Round
Number of baskets 3
Timer Dial
Alarm Yes
Dishwasher proof baskets Yes
Delay start feature No
Auto keep warm Yes
Capacity 7 litres
Collapsible baskets Yes
Power consumption 650 Watts
Boil Dry Safety Cut-out Yes
Removable drip tray Yes
Indicator Power on

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

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